Last meeting of our 13th year

IMAG0330The reading for last night’s meeting was the oft-nominated “Camus Triptych” consisting of The Stranger, The Fall and The Myth of Sisyphus.

Close to record attendance with total count approximately 15 strout-hearted bibliophiles who endured soldiering on as the cold front blew in shortly after we began. Because it was the belated gift-exchange month one of our merry band brought a bottle of Knob Creek and some plastic cups. The bottle was emptied.

Discussion swirled around what Camus meant the reader to understand by the characters in his fiction. Only a little time was spent actually discussing Camus’ brand of Existentialism, and the spoken opinions about it ranged from fundamental disagreement to mild sympathy to the sense that it is a “dated” philosophical system. See Dr. Mack’s eloquent and informative essay in the sidebar.

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