Frannie and Zooey

It seemed to me that never before has it taken so long to get warmed up in the discussion of a book as it did with this one. Discussion centered on minutia and the fairly straight-forward plot that was somewhat cobbled together from two separate short stories.Image

But about 2/3 of the way in, we started to discover that Salinger seemed to have much more going on that we gave him credit for.

Turns out Zooey’s reflection in his brother’s old room caused him to grow as a character so that he was able to be kind to Frannie on the phone.

If you did not come to the meeting because you didn’t like the book, then you are a sackless loser. Everyone concluded, as you well know, that the book had great merit that required the interaction of the group to fully appreciate.

We are now reading Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. The book for December will the Homer’s Odyssey. Better get on it.

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  1. Woe to the shackles losers!

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