The Grapes of Wrath

GrapesofwrathSomewhat predictably, much of the conversation about The Grapes of Wrath dwelt on political issues. Many wise, insightful and clarifying things were said this night, but I’ve forgotten all of them and now they are lost. I do remember saying that the book made me angry. Sorry, everyone else.

Favorite characters: all of them. Rose of Sharon got high marks, and the waitress at the roadside restaurant. But most of our group agreed that all of the Joad family and those who traveled with them had their own endearing aspects with only one or two exceptions.

Interestingly, I saw recently that there is a new documentary coming out with a present day Grapes of Wrath situation going on, only this time in North Dakota. You remember a few years ago with they announced the new oil development? Hiring exploded, cities were built up over night, local economies boomed. Thousands migrated, but now the jobs are all taken and thousand are homeless.

Anyway, if someone wants to take on the role of secretary at the meetings and hand me their notes, I might make these entries a little more interesting. But I’m already acting as web guy for free, so nut up, Eli.

If whoever did the essay will send it to me (Jeffrey) I will post it in the column on the left with the other essays.

BY THE WAY, in case you hadn’t heard, The Dog and Duck is closing down before our next meeting. The new venue will be Gourmands. (Map here.) They have a nice beer selection and decent food. They will reserve a table for us, though it is not covered. In the event of rain, go to Opal Divines on S. Congress (Map).

Next book is The Last of the Mohicans. December’s book is American Pastoral by Philip Roth.

2 thoughts on “The Grapes of Wrath

  1. Why you calling me out? I did my time as secretary!

    Interesting facts you forgot…

    The turtle is Tom
    Muley is the ghost of Hamlet
    The interlacing of chapters as a device to distance the reader from emotional attachment to the Joads
    Your brother read about 4000 pages of Steinbeck before the mtg.

  2. I’m calling you out because you give me shit all the time. And because I love you. And because you have experience as secretary.

    Good points you mentioned.

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